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Dr. Daniel Pacheco

Attending Physician

Excellence, Privacy, and Compassion

Dr. Daniel Pacheco started his health care career as a master level therapist in Washington state and New Mexico. Looking to have a greater say in care of his clients, Dr. Pacheco change careers and became a board certified Internal Medicine physician. Attending UNM medical school and eventually completing his residency within the Banner Health System in Phoenix, AZ.

During his career as a physician, he has served in various roles as a bedside physician to a Chief Medical Officer (CMO). In the last five years his work has taken him to focus mainly on addictions, currently providing care in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) clinics and Medical detox facilities.

In addition, Dr. Pacheco has presented across the US and overseas on various health-related topics, including on a monthly Spanish speaking show on health care issues affecting Latinos.

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