OCD is a mental illness whereby one has repetitive behaviors, compulsive, urges or obsessive thoughts which are beyond control. Symptoms of OCD include having negative thoughts and always biting your nails and can affect your healthy life. Those who suffer from OCD understand that their habits and beliefs don’t make sense but keep on doing the same thing just because they can’t stop. When you have obsessions, you may feel things like having a particular order of cleanliness. You can also have intrusive thoughts about religion, sex, and violence.

For example, you can have a belief that specific colors or numbers are good or bad, being suspicious about a partner and fear of getting dirty among other things. Compulsive thoughts, on the other hand, include counting things like bottles or steps, repetitive checking if you have switched off the light or locked a door, washing hands several times in a row, doing things in a particular order, and fear of touching germs. Causes of OCD haven’t yet been known, but it is a common condition among young adults and teens.

Treating OCD

While there might not be any cure for OCD, it can still be managed through behavioural modification. Visit a doctor who will perform a physical exam and test your blood to ensure that it is not caused by anything else.
You can also get counselling about your thoughts, habits, and feelings. If they are making you do what you want to do, you might be suffering from OCD. Your doctor may, therefore, recommend talk therapy known as psychotherapy.

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