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Integrative Medicine Primary Care for Adults

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The body, mind and spirit are interconnected
parts that make up a whole person.

When one part is out of sync due to stress, illness, poor nutrition or even lack of sleep, the other parts of the person are affected. Integrative medicine takes a whole person approach to healing and wellness. By thoroughly examining all parts of a patient’s health history and lifestyle, and utilizing all appropriate conventional and alternative therapies, we can work together to achieve and maintain maximum good health and wellbeing.

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Why an Integrative Approach?

At Valbuena, we understand that a life of good health and wellbeing requires a personalized medical approach custom-tailored for each individual patient.

Dr. Ravi Chandiramani specializes in treating the whole person, body, mind and spirit. He goes to great lengths to get to know each patient personally. He listens, asks questions, conducts recommended tests and works together with his patients to develop strategies for achieving and maintaining total health and wellbeing.

Whether you have a chronic condition or are looking to become a better version of yourself, Dr. Chandiramani will support you in pursuing your health goals.

The Valbuena Difference

Dr. Chandiramani has spent the past 15 years providing the very best in conventional and complementary medicine. By offering longer appointments, shorter wait times and the most personalized healthcare approach possible, we can help you reach your health goals as quickly as possible.

At Valbuena, we are proud to provide an exemplary approach to integrative medicine for adults

  • Leading physicians specializing in conventional and complementary medicine
  • Adults only, non-gynecologic primary care services, including health maintenance exams
  • Follow-up for acute and chronic health issues using an integrative approach
  • Coordination of care with specialists, and dedicated integrative concierge providers who will direct you to top-ranking specialists if needed
  • 24/7 emergency access to your health care team by phone
  • Shorter wait times and longer appointments with your doctor

Get Started Now

Whether you are dealing with an illness, unhealthy lifestyle issues or simply want to maintain maximum health and wellbeing, Dr. Chandiramani will work with you and support you in achieving your goals.

Contact us today to learn how an integrative medicine approach can help you achieve and maintain your best health.

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